Khmer Kampuchea Krom Buddhist Temple,
Stoney Creek, ON, Canada

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About Our Abbot - Bhante Dhammo

Venerable Thach Truong Dhammo

Venerable Dhammo was born in 1963, in Bac Lieu province and educated in the Mekong Delta, Southern Vietnam, Kampuchea Krom. He was ordained as Samanera in 1980, and took higher ordination as a Theravada Buddhist monk in 1985 at the age of 21. He was trained by the Late Most Venerable Master Sangha Pindito, Danh Phen, at Wat Sereyvongsa Buthle Thmay. Because of the Vietnam war and social upheaval, he fled to Cambodia for safety and eventually crossed the border to the Dangkek Refugee Camp in Thailand. It took five years before he was granted Refugee status as an Immigrant under the protection of Canada in the late 1990.

Bhante Dhammo arrived in Toronto, attended school, became active in the Khmer, Khmer Krom and Vietnamese in Community and helping to establish Buddhist Temples in Toronto, London, Windsor, Vancouver and Orlando, Florida. From November 1999 to the present he has been the Abbot of Khmer Kampuchea Krom Buddhist Temple of Hamilton, Ontario, Canada.

He travels across Canada and through the USA as the president of the Khmer Krom Buddhist Monks’ Association of North America. In addition, he is a leader of the International Religious Freedom of Khmer Krom Federation. He visits and gives reports to the United Nations High Commission of Human Rights and State Department in Washington DC.

Wat Khmer Krom is a Buddhist Temple with an active community in the Hamilton / Burlington / Niagara area. While we primarily focus on Southern Ontario, we are also a resource for much of the rest of the province.  Languages spoken Here: English; Laotian; Thai; Vietnamese; Khmer
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